What is New Adult?

Hey Friends. I’m back and I have books to talk about…

A few months ago I lost a bet and spent an entire month reading romance novels on Kindle Unlimited. It was a whole…situation…but it helped me meet my 2019 book goal, so ya know.

I was so incredibly skeptical guys. I love a good young adult romance novel but I was aware that those novels would be SOO much more intense. My assumptions were…kinda right. I lost track of how many books I downloaded onto my kindle throughout that month. So many stories were read and I have so so many questions (about the genre that I like to refer to as “Mom Novels”) but today’s post is not about those. Today I am here to talk about a new genre that I stumbled upon accidentally during that month, New Adult.

So, apparently there is difference between regular “mom” romance novels and the new adult genre. I’d say that New adult generally revolves around high school or college aged characters (some are older but the majority of what I have read were in the 16-24 age bracket). ANYWAYS, there’s obviously your typical love stories (girl falls in love with bad boy, yada yada yada), then there’s the “graphic” sex scenes, but most recently I found another pattern within these novels. Have you ever heard of “Reverse Harem” love stories?

If you answered no, we are in the same damn boat.

I’ll let you research that on you own if you feel so inclined.

Of all the New Adult novels that I read i’d say that about 65% of them had a reverse harem story line. It’s an interesting thing to write about sure but all of the stories were EXACTLY the same. I mean c’mon guys…can we please change it up just a little bit or something? A little originality would be cool.

Another common theme among all of the ones I read was emotional abuse. I’m not even being dramatic when I say that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAD SOME TYPE OF EMOTIONAL ABUSE WITHIN IT. Why are toxic relationships wrote about so often? Dude, normal relationships are a thing. Please stop glorifying EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

Not to throw out any titles but take the After books for example. I read them on Whatpad… I saw the first movie…and I am sure that I’ll go see the next one when it comes out. So I guess I’m just as guilty for reading them but those are full of emotional abuse from both sides. It’s strange that we read things like this isn’t it? WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING? PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT FOR ME.

Okay, I’ll stop yelling and end my rant. If anyone reading this is a fan of new adult novels and can shed light on my opinions, please do. I’d love to see different perspectives.

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